The Best Car Service for Kids

Kid Car is the ONLY car service that provides trained and vetted drivers with age and weight-appropriate, properly-installed car seats.

    Kid Car Uber Family Uber/Lyft
Reservations On-Demand Check Mark* Check Mark Check Mark
Advance Check Mark X X
Drivers Trained and Vetted Check Mark X X
Consistent Drivers for Regular Trips Check Mark X X
Car Seats Car Seats per Vehicle 1 – 4 1 X
Specifications** 5 - 120lbs 27 - 48lbs X
Vehicles Choice of Vehicles Check Mark X Check Mark
*30 Minutes' Notice; **American Academy of Pediatrics; Manufacturer's Guidelines

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  • On-Demand AND Advance Reservations: Use the app to schedule a car in 30 minutes, next week for a doctor's appointment, or next month for an airport transfer.
  • A SAFE Ride: Drivers are trained in car seat installation and fully vetted.
  • The RIGHT Car Seats, Properly Installed: Up to 4 car seats are available in every vehicle. Caregivers are responsible for securing the children in the car seat.
Car Seats $10 / Seat
Stop Charge $5 / Unique Address
Preferred Driver Automatic 20% Gratuity
Vehicle Type
$5 + $2.25/
+ $0.45/

Minimum Charge: $25

La Guardia $85 | JFK $105 | Newark $115
$7 + $3.50/
+ $0.65/

Minimum Charge: $35

La Guardia $110 | JFK $135 | Newark $145
$15 + $4.75/
+ $0.85/

Minimum Charge: $50

La Guardia $145 | JFK $170 | Newark $180
The (not so) Fine Print
Airport transfer pricing is for Manhattan only and does not include tolls, taxes/fees of 11.4%, or gratuity
There is a $25 surcharge + round trip tolls for trips starting or ending outside of NYC (except Newark Airport)
Waiting Time starts 10 minutes after the driver texts his arrival (except airport arrivals)


ALL Kid Car drivers are fully trained and vetted. If a family really likes a particular driver, they can make the driver a Preferred Driver, meaning that the driver will receive that family’s ride requests before any other driver (provided the driver is in the neighborhood). Preferred Drivers receive an automatic 20% gratuity.


Airport Transfers
No Food or Uncrated Pets. Period.
Cancellation Fees
Non-solicitation of Kid Car Drivers

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