The Best Car Service for Kids

Kid Car is the ONLY car service that provides safe transport for children by providing specially trained and vetted drivers with age and weight-appropriate, properly-installed car seats in every vehicle. Kid CarPool allows multiple families to share the ride cost and even request to have the same driver every day.

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  • A SAFE Ride: Drivers are trained in car seat installation and fully vetted.
  • Consistent Drivers: Families can pay a little extra to have the same driver every day.
  • Share the Cost:The cost of Kid CarPool rides can be shared among riding families.
  • The RIGHT Car Seat(s), Properly Installed: Up to 4 car seats are available in every vehicle. Caregivers are responsible for securing the children in the car seat.


The price estimate is for the route described below and includes taxes, fees, and gratuities, but does not include traffic or tolls if any.

Sedan Minivan SUV


No Food or Uncrated Pets. Period.
Non-solicitation of Kid Car Drivers


Why isn’t there a ‘fixed’ price per trip/ school year?
Will Kid Car help me find other families for my carpool?
How will my child know which car to get in at school?
Will the driver go inside a building to get my child/ walk my child inside a building to drop them off?

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